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The Services offered by REETS International

Catalyst Handling

Reets International is capable of tackling the most critical Catalyst Handling Service Read more....

Chemical Cleaning

Our chemical cleaning services complement our motto by offering a vast Read more....

Amonia Converter Turnaround

Our Amonia Converter services complement our motto by offering a vast Read more....

Condition Monitoring

REETS International offer a wide range of Condition Monitoring for plant reliability Read more....

Laser Alignment/Balancing

We provide high quality services of alignment, balancing and thermography Read more....


With Trevitest you can carry out accurate assessment of “Set Point “, in-situ & under pressure for the Safety Relief Valves
Read more....

Online Leak Sealing

Reets helps maximize uptime by sealing online, onsite and under pressure, the leakages from Bolted Flanges, Valves, Pipe and Pipe fittings.
Read more.....

Machine Reliability Services

We provide high quality services of alignment, balancing and thermography Read more.....

All Types Valves Repairing

Full ranges of service for all kind of valves Including Gate, Globe, Ball, Butterfly, Plug, PSV/PRV etc.
Read more.....

Bolts Tensioning Torquing

Reets International (Pvt) Ltd has established services for bolt Tensioning & Torquing with the Technical support from Hydratight
Read more.....

Fin Fan Cleaning
(Soda Blasting)

CR Asia have introduced a Fin fan Optimalisation Program under the motto “Delivering Cooling Capacity”.
Read more.....

Flange Refacing

We are pioneer of providing flange facing service having Furmanite quality machine which is compact, Light weight, portable
Read more.....

Pre-commisioning of Pipelines

Reets is capable of tackling the most critical Pre-commission-cleaning jobs. Pre-Commission cleaning applies to new Read more.....

Heat Exchanger
Bundle Pulling

Reets/CRSL is capable to provide high pressure water jetting & Heat Exchanger bundle pulling services.
Read more.....

High Pressure Water Jetting

. Our extensive fleet of High Pressure Pumps up to 2500 bar with large volume water being delivered to the HP cleaning tools
Read more.....

CR Descaling Technology

The DDT service is a proven process that removes even the hardest coke and scale from furnace tubes
Read more.....

Flare Chimney Services

Reets feature a special program for the cleaning of plate coolers. Plates are removed from the cooler and dipped
Read more.....

REETS International always try and is commited to deliver the 100% quality service and succeed the business relations to acheive the ultimate goal

Reets International is a joint venture of service division of two companies, ReCom and EASTEC International.
ReCom; since 1997 serving industries in the field of Condition Monitoring, Vibration Analysis, Balancing, IR Thermography and Laser Alignment.
EASTEC; is serving the national industries since 1992. The prominent jobs like On-Site Machining, Bolt Tensioning, Safety Valve testing etc. stands to its credit.

REETS Achievement

Reets was established in April 2004, with the joint venture of its foreign principals to provide international quality services to National Industries with local sources. In small span of time achieved the best service company of the year 2004-2005 Award given by the Prime Minister of Pakistan to our Managing Director.

Occupational HSE Policy

Ensuring the health and safety of employees is of primary importance to the Organization. Administration and staff cooperatively develop appropriate procedures and regulations for ensuring employees' health and safety. Reets International is committed to provide and maintain safe and healthy working environment for all its employees. We recognized that our employees are our most valuable asset. Reets international is committed to the compliances of all statutory regulations & requirements. REETS International shall put safety first as we firmly beleive that it shall contribute to the quality, efficiency and success of our sevices busienss.

Training & Development

“Our People are our greatest asset” Reets international is exposing his staff to ongoing refresher and advance training, locally and from abroad. Our peoples have got following specialized training;

  • Basic training in Chemical Cleaning from CR-Asia.
  • Advance training in chemical cleaning from CR-Asia.
  • On-Line Testing of Valve (Trevitest) Training of Furmanite U.K.
  • On-Line Under pressure leak sealing from Furmanite U.K.
  • Valve Overhauling Training from Fukui Japan.
  • Hydra tight Bolt Tensiong & Torquing.
  • Reets also have in house training facilities.

To our Valueable Clients

We are providing more than Services

REETS International providing services to our Cleints locally in Pakistan as well as in almost every part of the Land. Our valued and satisfied clients are around the glboe. Read More.....