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Pressure Safety Valve Online Testing (Trivetest)

With Trevitest you can carry out accurate assessment of “Set Point “, in-situ & under pressure, for the Safety & Safety Relief Valves with out any isolation, shutdown and with out interruption of your production of plant. There’s also the option of cold testing to assess the performance of new and existing valves. With this technique you can save your Shutdown Time, Energy, Resources etc.

Pressure Safety Valve Overhauling & Callibration

With Trevitest you can carry out accurate assessment of “Set Point “, in-situ & under pressure, for the Safety & Safety Relief Valves with out any isolation, shutdown and with out interruption of your production of plant. There’s also the option of cold testing to assess the performance of new and existing valves. With this technique you can save your Shutdown Time, Energy, Resources etc.

All Types of Valve Repairing

Full ranges of service for all kind of valves (Including Gate, Globe, Ball, Butterfly, Plug, PSV/PRV etc). Reets International has foreign trained and certified team along with modern tool for valves servicing. We have all kind of machines for the lapping & hydro testing of all kinds of valves locally. We also have fully equipped workshop.

Condition Monitoring Services Through Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is the main stay of any predictive maintenance plan. High levels of vibration in rotating machinery can create excessive noise and an unpleasant working environment. It can also cause deterioration in the condition of the machine components such as shaft bearing etc. leading to a reduced machine life and unnecessary downtime. All rotating and reciprocating machinery will vibrate. Information about the condition that machine is contained within the vibration waveform. Vibration analysis is a non-intrusive method of collecting this waveform, and extracting this information. Analyzing this information can give prior warning of component failure thereby reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Velocity spectra detect a wide range of faults, such as loosens, miss-alignment, imbalance, insecurity etc. Acceleration can indicate poor quality of lubrication and early stages of bearing and gear defects. Enveloped signal processing extracts rolling element bearing defect information from housing resonance, to give an excellent indication of bearing condition.

Online Under Pressure Leak Sealing

Reets helps maximize uptime by sealing online, onsite and under pressure, the leakages from Bolted Flanges, Valves, Pipe and Pipe fittings. Whether it’s steam, hydrocarbons or gas-including over 300 types of chemicals and temperatures ranging from sub-zero to 900C, and pressure up to 580 PSI (40 barg).

Bolts Tensioning & Torquing

Reets International (Pvt) Ltd has established services for bolt Tensioning & Torquing with the Technical support from Hydratight, to provide international standard services to our valuable clients locally. Our engineers are trained & certified from Hydratight Ltd. UK. We have RSL Series tool for the bolt Torquing with compact hydraulic power pack unit.

Fin Fans Cleaning (Soda Blasting)

CR Asia have introduced a Fin fan Optimalisation Program under the motto “Delivering Cooling Capacity”. The program consist of several cleaning techniques for cleaning of the in- and outside of the heat exchanger tubes. Plenum pressure differential and air velocities are measured before and after cleaning which are an important tool for trouble shooting. The favoured technique for cleaning of the finned tube surface is soda blasting. In most cases soda blasting can be done on line so that no production loss is faced and the cleaning can be done outside of the shutdown. Soda blasting was also used for the cleaning of Platformer Furnace Unit air preheaters at a refinery south of Manila in the Philippines. This cleaning resulted in an energy reduction of 1.5 MW and a gain in through-put of 60 bpd.

Equipment, blast medium and a trained crew for soda blasting are available in Pakistan.

Insitu Machining (Flange Refacing/Pipe Cutting/Beveling)

We are pioneer of providing flange facing service having Furmanite quality machine which is compact, Light weight, portable, Flange facing, grooving and weld preparation machine designed to machine full faced, raised face and grooved flanges from 153mm-762mm(6”-30”). This machine can achieve surface finish from 63CLA to 250 CLA plus gramophone finish when turn 32CLA to 63 CLA while polishing. Pneumatic drive permits use in hazardous areas.

Chemical Cleaning

Our chemical cleaning services complement our motto by offering a vast amount of chemical cleaning process engineered by key personnel having expert experience. Reets international is providing all chemical cleaning services in collaboration with CR (Asia) Pte. Ltd. Chemical cleaning services offers a full range of technical services to assure ensure efficient and cost effective process system cleaning. Some of these services are;

Pre-Comissioning Cleaning: Reets is capable of tackling the most critical Pre-commission-cleaning jobs. Pre-Commission cleaning applies to new steam producing equipment, pipelines, reactors, compressors suction lines, vessels, heat exchangers etc.

Removal of water-born scales in Cooling Water Systems: All over Pakistan calcium-silicate and magnesium compound tend to leave a scale on heat exchanger-surfaces. This scale might be very thin but it is nevertheless a tremendous obstacle for heat transfer. Chemical cleaning is the preferred method of cleaning here. Reets/CRSL applies a 3-phase cleaning guaranteed to result in 100% removal of all water-born scales.

Frame and Plate Coolers: Reets feature a special program for the cleaning of plate coolers. Plates are removed from the cooler and dipped in a bath filled with right mixture of chemicals. We call this shop cleaning. The plates are prevented of touching each other and still all surfaces are in contact with the cleaning fluid..

Catalyst Handling

Reets International is capable of tackling the most critical Catalyst Handling Service in all type of reactors including Mechanical works under inert (N2) or air atmospheres in a “blind to blind” approach. Reets international is providing all catalyst handling services in collaboration with CR-Asia (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Main services include: Ammonia converters (total services including upgrading & specialty welding), dense loading under the license of Petroval (Total) UOP and Unidense. Inert entry, Catalyst screening, Catalyst loading unloading and all mechanical works in CCR, Reformers / Platformers etc

Amonia Convertor Turnaround

A wide range of amonia convertor series.

High Pressure Water Jetting

Reets/CRSL is capable to provide high pressure water jetting & Heat Exchanger bundle pulling services. Hydro blasting is the most commonly used industrial cleaning application for penetration and removal of heavy deposits. Our extensive fleet of High Pressure Pumps up to 2500 bar with large volume water being delivered to the HP cleaning tools. This enables us to remove difficult materials such as hardened polymer and/or coked or fused catalyst. A vast range of nozzles, drilling attachments and lances allow for superior cleaning of all exchangers/vessels and towers

Heat Exchanger Bundle Pulling

We are specialized in providing solutions for Heat Exchangers.

Cocking Descaling Technology

The CDT service is a proven process that removes even the hardest coke and scale from furnace tubes. Numerous projects all over the world has proven the system to be more effective than steam air decoking or chemical cleaning. The cleaning method involves the use of relatively low water pressure that drives the flexible pig (patented for CDT Inc of Canada) through the tube allowing the metal studs to scrape the deposits loose. Pigs are driven by pressures typically around 150 psi eliminating the danger of tube damage that is typically encountered with the high temperature, thermal shock based steam-air decoking method. .

Flare Chimney Services

We are specialized in Flare Chimney Services.

Pre-commisioning of Pipelines

We are specialized in providing solutions for pipeline commisioning.